Hush Is Privacy

Hush is a peer-to-peer network and there is no central location where metadata is stored. Our policy is to store as little metadata as possible, or not at all. Hush is not a company nor foundation nor any type of legal entity. We are not based in any country. We are a decentralized cypherpunk community and continue to research the bleeding edge in privacy.

Hush team members will never ask for your personal information, if someone is asking for your legal name, physical address, phone number, email/etc that is a scammer! We only ask for as little possible information to debug support requests, such as Operating System versions, wallet versions and other technical information.

Hush does not mine your personal privacy to sell to advertisers, you keep your privacy and your dignity. Privacy is a precious asset and Hush allows you to store it in digital form.

The website is purely for marketing and education purposes and our peer-to-peer network does not rely on it in any way, nor does our P2P network rely on DNS, which we believe is completely untrustable, just as Bitcoin developers rightly believe.

1 HUSH = 10000 encrypted messages which have censorship resistance backed up by Bitcoin hashrate security, which is why
Hush is a Store-of-Privacy.

When using some Hush software, there are mandatory or optional features that require talking to third party websites and APIs. We cannot control how they use metadata, such as IP address, MAC address and browser details such as your language, timezone, screen resolution and many other details.

A non-exhaustive list of service providers that Hush uses are:

  • - Denial-of-Service protection and SSL (only website, not p2p network)

  • - price feeds (SD,SDL,SDA) price feeds are optional and can be turned off in settings. Additionally, Hush is designed to preserve our user privacy in every way, so when Hush software requests data from, it ALWAYS requests all possible data, and then only uses the data it needs, versus asking for only the data it needs, which leaks the metadata of what this particular wallet is interested in. This Private Information Retreival (PIR) technique is just one of many ways Hush implements Extreme Privacy at every level of the software stack.

If you do not want your IP address, MAC address and browser metadata to potentially go to these places, we highly recommend using Tor or i2p and/or the TAILS, Whonix or Qubes operating systems with Hush.

The operators of the website are independent of the decentralized operators of the Hush peer-to-peer network.

Hush is a community project. Everyone is welcomed with open arms!

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